Contacts and requirements for citizens appeals

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Inaccordancewith the Lawof Ukraine «About applications of the citizens»:

The applications should be addressed to the bodies of state power and bodies of local self-government, enterprises, institutions, organizations independently on the form of property, associations of the citizens or functionaries, the powers of which include the resolutions of the matters specified in the application.

The application can be presented by a separate person (individually) or by a group of the persons (joint).

The application can have oral or written form.

The oral application shall be presented by a citizen during a personal reception or by means of telephone via the definite contact centers, hotline telephones and shall be recorded (registered) by a functionary.

The written application shall be sent by post or presented by a citizen to a definite body, institution personally or by an authorized by him person, which powers are formalized in accordance with the legislation. The written application can be sent by Internet or by means of electronic communication (electronic application).

The application should contain the surname, name, patronymic, place of residence of a citizen, matter of the presented issue, remarks, suggestions or complaints or demands. The written application should be signed by an applicant (applicants) with indication of the date. The electronic application should include the electronic mail, where the reply can be sent to or any information about the other means of communication with him. It is not required to use the electronic digital signature in the electronic application.

The application presented without following the specified requirements, shall be returned to the applicant with the relevant explanations not later than in ten days upon its presentation.

The repeated application shall not be considered by the same body from the same citizen regarding the same issue if the application has been resolved as a matter of fact.

The applications are considered and resolved within the period not more than one month upon their presentation and those, which do not require additional examination – immediately, but not later than fifteen days upon their receipt. If within a month, it is impossible to resolve the matter specified in the application, the head of the relevant body, enterprise, institution, organization or the deputy head will determine a necessary period for its consideration. The applicant is informed hereabout. At that the general period for resolution of the issues specified in the application, cannot exceed forty-five days.