The cost of renting a canteen in the building of the Main Office of the National Police has increased in 3 times as a result of the online auction

Оn January 18, 2021, an auction was held for the lease of premises

of 47.9 sq. m on the second floor of the administrative building of the Main Office of the National Police in Kyiv. The cost of the lease has more than tripled - from the starting UAH 12,049.45 to UAH 37,000.00.

According to the terms of the Lease Agreement this area can be used only for its intended purpose – that is, to accommodate a dining room for employees of the balance holder body.

According to the Procedure of Transfer the State and Municipal Property into Leasing, the winner should during 3 working days to sign the protocol and within 20 working days to conclude a lease agreement from the day, following the day of formation of the protocol on the results of the auction.

The lease agreement with the winner of the auction will be concluded if he pays the following payments within the specified period:

  • advance payment in the amount of lease for 2 months (including VAT);
  • security deposit in the amount of rent for 2 months (excluding VAT).

If the winner does not make these payments, the right to lease the premises will pass to another bidder with the next largest price offer, which is UAH 20,255.