The canopy of pavilion №12 of the National Complex “Expocenter of Ukraine” in Kyiv with an area of ​​1466.1 sq. m. is vacant for rent

The State Property Fund announces an online auction on the lease of the canopy building No 3 of pavilion No 12 of the National Complex “Expocenter of Ukraine” (VDNG), located at:

1, Akademika Hlushkova Avenue, Kyiv

The total area of ​​the object is 1466.1 sq. m. The object is put up for the auction at the starting price of UAH 55,471.85.

The auction is scheduled for January 27. Accepting applications for participation in the auction lasts until January 26.

To find out more about the object, the conditions of participation in the auction on its lease, as well as directly register for participation in the auction, please follow the link to the auction - http://bit.ly/2LGv4GR.

You can also watch the video presentation of the object at the link - https://bit.ly/39zcVmw.

The proposed object’s lease term is 10 years.

In the terms of the lease, according to paragraph 29 of the Procedure on the Lease of the State and Communal Property, restrictions on the intended use of the object were set. It is proposed to hand over the construction of the canopy to the tenant, who will provide services that cannot be provided directly by the balance holder of the object.

Thus, the future tenant will be able to use the object to organize the following activities: exhibitions, co-working, retail outlets that do not sell excisable goods, cafes, bars that sell excisable goods, as well as for activities in the field of education, courses and trainings.

The object is in satisfactory technical condition. Please register to participate in the auction on the object's lease and win it.