Since the beginning of its work, the Unified Base of Evaluation Reports has already contained information from 755,000 reports

In according to the Article 172 of the Tax Code of Ukraine dated 02.12.2010, No. 2755-VI, the State Property Fund of Ukraine put into operation the Unified Base of Evaluation Reports with a Module of Electronic Determination of the Estimated Value of property similar to the evaluation object (hereinafter the “Unified Base”). The Unified Base began its work on 18.07.2018.

According to the results of Unified Base work, the Fund points out the disadvantages of evaluation entities work and takes all necessary steps to avoid incorrect information entry from property valuation reports and, as a result, discrediting the Unified Base.

As of 01.09.2019 the Unified Base contains information from 755 thousand reports, of which 356 thousand were audited by notaries. Verification of reports by notaries indirectly indicates the transaction. The number of reports has increased by almost 2.5 times compared to 2018.

Therefore, the estimated amount of taxes transferred to the State Budget during the operation of the Unified Base, i.e. from 18.07.2018 to 01.09.2019, is over 9 billion UAH (9,127,518,099 UAH). From these revenues:

-  pension insurance is UAH 1,219,973,978 (according to the information provided by the Pension Fund of Ukraine for the full year 2018 – UAH 902,785,249);

-  military fee – UAH 1,807,674,214;

-  Income tax – UAH 6,099,869,907 (according to the information provided by the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine for the III-IV quarter of 2018 - UAH 797,855,040).

Monthly the Unified Base ensures the receipt of the state budget in the form of direct taxes (military fee and pension insurance) – UAH 252,304,016, and Income tax is at an average of UAH 508 million.

In order to monitor compliance with the requirements of the current legislation by the subjects of appraisal activities in determining the appraised value of the appraisal object for tax purposes in 2019, the Fund took the following measures:

-  access to the Unified Base was stopped for 78 business entities - valuation entities, including in 2018 (from July 18, 2018) - 22 valuation entities;

-  162 property assessment reports were reviewed, information from which is included in the Unified Database, but the reliability and objectivity of which needed to be verified;

-  peer-reviewed 115 reports on property valuation, information from which was entered into the Unified Database and registration was refused;

-  based on the results of the review of assessment reports drawn up for tax purposes, 12 certificates of the subject of valuation activities were canceled;

-  according to the results of consideration by the Examination Commission of 12 questions on professional appraisal activity, 9 appraisers are deprived of qualification certificates, according to 3 appraisers a decision was made on extraordinary professional development;

-  for consideration at the next meeting of the Examination Commission, which will take place on September 26, 2019, 8 issues of professional appraisal activities of appraisers when preparing reports for tax purposes.