The Regional Office in the Lviv, Zakarpattia and Volyn Oblasts controls the implementation of the conditions of the lease agreements

The Regional Office carried out 208 inspections of the lease objects, including: the work on the IPC structural unit of the branch No. 4 sanatorium “Smerichka” of the State Complex Trade Enterprise “Khreshchatyk” has begun.

According to the results of control measures the violations and deficiencies are established, the analysis of which showed that the conditions of agreements of lease of real property are fulfilled, but the violations (deficiencies) of lessees of the conditions of lease agreements regarding timely and full payment of lease to the state budget, payment of deposit, state property insurance, etc. are established. The violations and disadvantages are eliminated during and after the control measures. Number of agreements on which violations are established - 55.

 In order to take measures to detect the evasion of payment of obligatory payments to the State Budget of Ukraine for the use of state property and the lease of the property for 6 months of 2019 the inspections were carried out on 5483 objects.