A modern residential complex are building in the Chervonohrad town on the place of unfinished construction

Creating new job places, introduction of new modern technologies, raising the level of education of employees,attraction of investments -  this is the formation of a new policy for the development of the regional economy. The main tasks of privatization is a completion of construction the object unfinished building. 

The sale and purchase contract of the unfinished building (clinic on 1000 visits per day at the address: 2, Ivasiuka str., Chervonohrad town)  dated of June 10, 2014 which was concluded with Company “Universal Engineering” LLC is under control of the SPFU Regional Office in the Lviv, Zakarpattia and Volyn  Oblasts.

The construction of the residential complex “Eco-Park” is ongoing at this object. The six-storey complex is designed using energy-saving technologies and with all the requirements of the modern rhythm of life – with the underground parking, supermarket, pharmacy, bank branch, two playgrounds and sports grounds,  gym and establishments of the first necessity on the first and second floors. The landscaping area of ​​the residential complex is about 2 170 square meters and well maintained passage to the Western Bug river.

UAH 68.4 million has already been invested in the construction of this object and more than UAH 110 million is required to complete it. The 11 contractor organization of building and 27 supplier organizations are involved. More than 420 people work on the construction of the residential complex.

It is important to note, that in accordance with the terms of the sale and purchase contract the buyer is obliged to transfer free of charge at least three apartments with a total area of ​​120 square meters in the completed residential building for members of the ATO.