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Garages and enterprise “Vynkonservproekt” are sold in the Kherson region

In the e-trading system “ProZorro.Sales” the Regional Office of the SPFU in the Kherson Oblast, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopil city announced:

- on 15.07.2019 the auction with a reduction in the starting price of 50% from the sale of the State Scientific-Production Enterprise “Vynkonservproekt”. The initial price of the object is 860.250 thousand UAH. More information - https://prozorro.sale/auction/UA-PS-2019-06-13-000075-1

- on 18.07.2019the auction on the sale of the garage of 34.6 sq. m, at the address: Kakhovka town, garage association “Aeroport”, garage 476. The initial price of the object is 69.356 thousand UAH. More information - https://prozorro.sale/auction/UA-PS-2019-06-21-000055-1

- on 18.07.2019 the auction on the sale of the garage, 34.6 sq. m: city Kakhovka, garage society “Syhnal”, garage 553. The initial price of the object 74.309 thousand UAH. More information - https://prozorro.sale/auction/UA-PS-2019-06-21-000056-1