It is necessary to evaluate the lease objects in Khmelnytskyi city and Kamianets-Podilskyi town

The Administration of Exercices of Authority in the Khmelnytskyi Oblast of the Regional Office of the SPFU in Vinnytsia and Khmelnytskyi Oblasts has announced competitions for the selection of appraisers. It is necessary to evaluate the lease objects:

- premises of 32.7 sq. m. and part of the premises of 6.4 sq. m., on the 4th floor of the laboratory building in Khmelnytskyi city, str.. Svobody, 36;

- premises of ​​16.2 sq. m. on the 1st floor of the administrative building in Khmelnytskyi city, str. Soborna, 75;

- part of the premises of 2.0 sq. m. in the lobby of the educational building in Kamianets-Podilskyi town, str. Shevchenko, 13.

Competitions will be held on November 14, 2019 at 10.00, telephone for information +38 (0382) 79 56 16. Competition documents are accepted by November 8, 2019 inclusive.

Detailed information is available in the newspaper “Vidomosti Pryvatyzatsii” dated October 30, 2019, No. 44.