Buildings and structures are sold in Kirovohradska oblast

The Regional office in Dnipropetrovska, Zaporizhzhia and Kirovohradska oblasts announced via the electronic trading system “ProZorro.Sale”  auctions for sale of state property:

- complex of  buildings and structures which includes: the main building of 5,393 sq. m., administrative and household building of 819.7 sq. m.,prefabricated box for cars of  561.6 sq. m.,  fence and paving at the address: 10-a, Poligraphistiv lane, Alexandria town. The starting price of UAH 4.956 million excluding VAT. Detailed information - https://prozorro.sale/auction/UA-PS-2019-10-13-000003-2;

-  complex of  buildings which includes:a separately located one-storey administrative building of 251.4 sq. m. and garage at the address: 302, Sobornosti street, Novomyrhorod town. The starting price of UAH 474.894 ths excluding  VAT. Detailed information - https://prozorro.sale/auction/UA-PS-2019-10-11-000001-2

Auctions are scheduled on 12.11.2019.  Price offers are accepted until 11.11.2019.