Vitalii Trubarov: In Less Than 4 Months of This Year the Fund has Transferred UAH 528.7 Million to the State Budget from a Leasing

“In less than 4 months of this year the Fund has transferred UAH 528.7 million to the State Budget from a leasing of state property”, this was announced by Vitalii Trubarov, the Chairman of the State Property Fund, on his Facebook page, “These are good indicators with a significant advance ahead of scheduled tasks. Already executed 44.07% of the budget task set in 2019 at UAH 1.2 billion.”

According to him the state property is in demand,especially in the industrial regions of the country. However, a rejection of a new lease law is hampering the development of lease relations between the state and business, a huge part of state property continues to destroy or illegally leased by its balance-holders.

Vitalii Trubarov noted, “A new law is primarily electronic auctions, minimum time for transfer of property to the lease, simplified procedure for contracting without additional requests and permissions, effective protection against unscrupulous tenants, full prohibition of lease to legal entities and individuals associated with the aggressor country - the Russian Federation, and many other necessary norms for the formation of a civilized European leasing market.”.