Join Stock Company "Kharkivoblenergo"

Type of privatization: Big privatisation


Asset: shares of joint stock companies

Region: Kharkiv region


Code (registry №):

EDRPOU Code: 00131954

Name: Join Stock Company "Kharkivoblenergo"

Address: 61037, Kharkiv District, c. Kharkiv, str. Plekhanivska 149


Asset holder EDRPOU Code: 00131954

Asset holder name: Join Stock Company "Kharkivoblenergo"

Asset holder address: 61037, Kharkiv District, c. Kharkiv, str. Plekhanivska 149

Statute capital, UAH: 64 135 190.00

Object size: 0

Stake, %: 65.001

Starting price:

Starting price:

Way of privatization:auction

Form of sale:

Privatization status: Preparing for sale

Date of sale announcement:

Date and time of sale:

Date of publication of the results of the sale \ suspension \ sale termination:

Type of economic activity: 35.13 - Distribution of electricity


JSC Kharkivoblenergo is one of the largest power distributing companies in Ukraine, which transmits and supplies energy to the highly industrialized Kharkiv region.
The Company serves 1.2 m households and 3,000 industrial customers (mostly machine-building plants).

The Company’s largest consumers are water and heating utilities, the Kharkiv metro operator, and power machinery plants Turboatom and Azovmash. The 2 groups - households and industrial customers account for 42.5% and 30.7% of the oblenergo’s energy sales, followed by commercial non-industrial consumers (23.5%), and municipal users (3.3%).

JSC Kharkivoblenergo owns a 47 273 km grid with 8 162 MVA of transformer capacity. 


Customer of sale:

Sale organizer: Фонд державного майна України